FLI delegation meets with partners in Mauritania

In November 2021, the leader of the project Prof. Martin H. Groschup and Dr. Franziska Stoek could realize a trip to the Mauritanian partner institute ORNADEP for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. After two years of the running project phase, a general coordination meeting was planned in order to talk with the partners about the project activities, the progress of the project and the planning of upcoming actions. In addition, there has been major reorganization at the ministerial level in Mauritania in the last year. The purpose of the trip was to get to know these new authorities’ structures and to introduce the FLI as well as the project to the new Minister of Livestock and to the Ministry of Health. The FLI team also met the local German ambassador and the head of the cooperation section of the German embassy in Mauritania to promote the project and discuss possible synergies with the embassy. After three interesting days full of new insights and experiences, the FLI delegation left the country back to Germany. Based on this, further visits are planned for early summer 2022 to bring the project to a successful und fruitful resumption after two years of limitations and deprivations due to the pandemic situation.

Photo by German embassy in Mauritania shows:
Dr. A. Göllner-Scholz (head of the cooperation section of the German embassy), employee of the ministry, Prof. M. Groschup, Bouna El Kotob (Chargé de mission of the Ministry of Health), employee of the ministry, Dr. F. Stoek, Y. Barry (ORNADEP)