Know your pathogens – Eurasian Online Symposium on Biological Health Hazards

In these times of a pandemic, it becomes clear how important it is to have a close meshwork of biosurveillance on naturally occurring pathogens in countries. Awareness and preparedness help to monitor the spread of pathogens, identify spontaneous outbreaks among humans and livestock and limit the spread of the disease in a timely manner. This online Symposium "Know your pathogens - Eurasian Online Symposium on biological health hazards" organised by the German Biosecurity Programme (represented by the GIZ and IMB) and its three partner countries Georgia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan aims to inform participants about advances in the research and diagnostic on selected extremely dangerous pathogens, relevant for the region. We invite all members of the German Biosecurity Programme to visit this online Symposium (ZOOM Link will be provided on, learn about advances in SARS-CoV2 diagnostics, haemorrhagic fevers, Anthrax and means to detect EDPs. Furthermore, we encourage participants to ask questions to the speakers and report about their experiences in the field. Learn more about the symposium here: