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Mosquito survey in Mauritania: Detection of Rift Valley fever virus and dengue virus and<br>the determination of feeding patterns (10/21/2022) - Franziska Stoek, Yahya Barry, Aliou Ba, Ansgar Schulz, Melanie Rissmann, Claudia Wylezich, Balal Sadeghi,Abdellahi Diambar Beyit, Albert Eisenbarth, Fatimetou Bounene N'diaye, Mohamed Lemine Haki, Baba AbdellahiDoumbia, Mohamed Baba Gueya, Mohamed Yahya Bah, Martin Eiden, Martin H GroschupPublished: April 15, 2022
Co-circulation of Orthobunyaviruses and Rift Valley Fever Virus in Mauritania, 2015 (10/21/2022) - Nicole Cichon, Yahya Barry, Franziska Stoek, Abdellah Diambar, Aliou Ba, Ute Ziegler, Melanie Rissmann, JanaSchulz, Mohamed L Haki, Dirk Höper, Baba A Doumbia, Mohamed Y Bah, Martin H Groschup, Martin EidenPublished: 24 December 2021
Detection of Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus in blood-fed Hyalomma ticks<br>collected from Mauritanian livestock (10/21/2022) - A. Schulz, Y. Barry, F. Stoek, M. J. Pickin, A. Ba, L. Chitimia-Dobler, M. L. Haki, B. A. Doumbia, A. Eisenbarth, A.Diambar, M. Y. Bah, M. Eiden & M. H. GroschupPublished: 29 June 2021
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus antibody prevalence in Mauritanian livestock<br>(cattle, goats, sheep and camels) is stratified by the animal’s age (10/21/2022) - Ansgar Schulz, Yahya Barry, Franziska Stoek, Aliou Ba, Jana Schulz, Mohamed L. Haki, Miriam A. Sas, Baba A.Doumbia, Peter Kirkland, Mohamed Y. Bah, Martin Eiden, Martin H. GroschupPublished: April 12, 2021
Diversity and Abundance of Potential Vectors of Rift Valley Fever Virus in the North<br>Region of Cameroon (10/21/2022) - Poueme Namegni Rodrigue Simonet, Njan-Nloga Alexandre Michel, Wade Abel, Eisenbarth Albert, Groschup MartinHermann, Stoek FranziskaPublished: 19 November 2020
Seroprevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Rift Valley Fever in Domestic Small<br>Ruminants in the North Region of Cameroon (10/21/2022) - R. Poueme, F. Stoek, N. Nloga, J. Awah-Ndukum, M. Rissmann, A. Schulz, A. Wade, J. Kouamo, M. Moctar, A.Eisenbarth, L. God-yang, S. Dickmu, M. Eiden, M. H. GroschupPublished: 25 Nov 2019
Serological and genomic evidence of Rift Valley fever virus during inter-epidemic periods<br>in Mauritania (10/21/2022) - M Rissmann, M Eiden, B O El Mamy, K Isselmou, B Doumbia, U Ziegler, T Homeier-Bachmann, B Yahya, M HGroschupPublished: Apr 2017
Ngari virus in goats during Rift Valley fever outbreak, Mauritania, 2010 (10/21/2022) - Martin Eiden, Ariel Vina-Rodriguez, Bezeid O El Mamy, Katia Isselmou, Ute Ziegler, Dirk Höper, Susanne Jäckel,Anne Balkema-Buschmann, Hermann Unger, Baba Doumbia, Martin H GroschupPublished: Dec 2014DOI: 10.3201/eid2012.140787
Molecular and serological studies on the Rift Valley fever outbreak in Mauritania in 2010 (10/21/2022) - S Jäckel, M Eiden, B O El Mamy, K Isselmou, A Vina-Rodriguez, B Doumbia, M H GroschupPublished: Nov 2013
International Symposium on “One Health: Outlook to the future” 20 July 2022, Almaty, Kazakhstan (6/20/2022) - The German-Kazakh Network for Biosafety and Biosecurity is organising a one-day symposium on the topic of One Health on 20 July at the Grand Thien Shan Hotel in Almaty together with its Kazakh project partner, the National Scientific Center for Extremeley Dangerous Infections. One Health is a collaborative and intersectoral approach promoted by WHO to ...continue reading "International Symposium on “One Health: Outlook to the future” 20 July 2022, Almaty, Kazakhstan"