About GO4BSB

GO4BSB is based on both the concept and design of virtual learning environments commonly used in higher education. GO4BSB in collaboration with individual project partners offers tailored, context-specific e-learning programmes in four different languages (English, French, Russian, German).

GO4BSB currently consists of 6 main features:

  1. E-Learning section, which includes learning materials, such as interactive e-learning modules
  2. E-Library, which includes links to key references
  3. Video catalogue, including screencasts, video and audio recordings
  4. Discussion forum
  5. Document archive
  6. Project-specific course rooms with tailored e-learning programmes

GO4BSB is available to all projects of the German Biosecurity Programme. The platform requires registration and consists of different access levels ranging from shared to restricted areas ('Course rooms'). Access to GO4BSB by projects from outside the German Biosecurity Programme is being decided on a case-by-case basis.